God’s Not Dead

Just saw the film God’s Not Dead.  It is really good.

As any good film, it focuses on character development and explores the question of God’s existence.  Does He exist or not?   Atheists claim He doesn’t, but they have no proof that He doesn’t.  All they do is say it without any evidence to support their claim.

On the other hand, the main character in the film who is a freshmen in college that takes up the challenge by his atheistic professor, lays out some reasoning behind why he believes God does exist.

My only negative toward the film is they didn’t devote enough time to tearing apart the philosophy that God does not exist.  They could have hammered the wedge much deeper between actual science (principals of testing and observing) and the bogus “scientific” philosophy/speculation of  the scientific community of macro evolution etc.  If you can’t test and observe, then it is not science.  It is speculative philosophy.

The character development is great with the character arcs, and they handled the theme about persecution against Christians in the world very well.  We may not have government persecuting us, but we get persecuted from serveral sources that the film points out.

Excellent film, and I think everyone should go see it.

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