Is it the End Times?

I saw a question posted by a community member recently on a social media platform. He asked a simple question, “Is it the End Times?” This is one of my favorite topics to talk about and discuss with others who have interest.

I have studied the topic for the last 27+ years, and I have been watching/observing the world all this time. I have seen a lot. I am serious and deeply passionate about the topic. So the question stands. As for the one who asked, I do not know the context of the question or the motivation in asking. Was it a serious question? Did he mean it as an exercise in humor? Did he really want an answer? Whatever the answers to those questions, it got me thinking.

To begin to answer the question from my perspective, I must build a framework for my readers to understand my point-of-view. This is simply what I believe and why I believe it. It is my own opinion. I write that because it is not my intention to convince anyone to agree with me. On the contrary, I am aware there are many who do not and will not agree. My motivation is to just share with those who want to know and answer the question honestly from what I understand based on my research.

That brings me to my perspective. We all live our lives from our own view, from our own place in the vast universe. We develop that perspective from our direct experiences in this existence. I wake up each day in my bed and open my eyes. I see the new morning inside my own filters that are layered around me. That is how I answer the big question before us, from my own view.

So what do I think about the question. My answer is simple. Yes, I believe we are in the End Times. Specifically we are in the midst of incredible events that are leading all of us to a massive change in the history of humanity. We are on the threshold and the door is about to open. Some of you may be thinking, “Thank you for finally answering the question! Gee, you are long winded! Now I can finally go back to whatever I was doing. Good bye!” But…

There may be others who are curious as to the next question. The question, “Why, Daniel, why!? How can you possibly believe that. What is wrong with you?” The affirmative answer to the question is simple, but the details behind my answer is as complex and deep as you can imagine. For me, the direction I go next is not as easy as someone might think. How do I begin presenting nearly three decades of study, learning, and research?

Let me write this, if there is an end, there was a beginning. Which, leads to numerous other questions. When did it start? Where did we come from? Why is this happening? Where are we going? The fact that we exist, the fabric of our life, what is the purpose? How did this all get here? My question to you, my dear reader is as simple as my answer to the overall question. Do you really want to know the answers? Is your mind and heart open to read, discuss, and learn together?

It is important to define the term “end times.” What does it mean? I am sure if we asked the community we would receive a lot of different answers. Especially with all of the disaster and destruction we see in films and on television. Is it the end of the world? Will it be by meteor, disease, aliens or by zombies? Will human kind be the architects of our own annihilation? The feeling of fear seeps up from deep inside as we consider all these. Terror, trembling, and tears often follow.

All those feelings are understandable when life as we know it is threatened with an utter end. For some those feelings will be a reality, but for others it will be quite the opposite. On one side there will be despair, but on the other there is a bright, brilliant hope in the darkness. And another question is sparked, “How can there be any hope if the end is upon us, Daniel? How!?”

That is where my foundation is laid. In the hope that we have as we approach the ending of this first book we call human history. I must now complete the framework of my perspective and view point. I proceed with honesty and without barriers on this topic. So that you, my reader, will know without question where I stand and the details that fill the vast depths of the simple answer of, “Yes, we are in the end times.”

The most important part of my life, my greatest love, the massive hope that fills my life is found in Jesus. His name means salvation. He is called Christ (not a last name) because He was anointed by the Father for many reasons, to be the one who revealed the true, purest love we can experience in our human existence. He is the answer to all the questions we have proposed so far, all questions we may ask, and in His revelation (the Bible) of Himself we have hope as we face the end.

The answers I have on this topic proceed from the Bible, and in a world of chaos, confusion, distraction, deception, erroneous human tradition, and around eight billion opinions, His word is our unchanging anchor that gives us complete stability. It is His word alone that reveals everything about the end times and answers the questions we all have about it. I would propose to you that the reason we even know about the coming end is the Bible. The Scriptures, those within the Bible, are the source.

If you have read this far, you have a choice. Would you like to know more of the details for my answer to the question? If you do, please subscribe and like this post. If you have comments, please leave them in that section. Questions, please ask. Hopefully, we can proceed in love, learn, grow, and discuss these things together. I am interested to see if there is any genuine interest on this subject in the community.

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