The Destruction of America

I did not have a lot to say yesterday, but this image below makes my feelings plain.  America as we have known it… is broken.  We have entered the time now where it is all a downward direction ending in destruction.   It is only a matter of time.  The Democrat party has taken control of the US House and US Senate.  The certification of Joe Biden as president elect around 3:40 AM today by the US Congress, a symptom of our doom, the nation experienced a deep, struggling gasp signaling our demise.

One fact we know from the Bible is that the United States of America does not play a prominent role in the final moments of human history.  She does not appear explicitly in the text of scripture unless she is is indeed Mystery, Babylon the Great in Revelation 17-18, but we can’t say for sure.   It is an interesting fact that has troubling implications.

America’s destruction is coming, the wrath of God Almighty will fall, and America will cease to be of any consequence.  How do we know?  Bible prophecy about the end times.  For example, Iran/Russia/Turkey and their allies would never come against Israel in war (Ezekiel 38) if America was still a world power.

America’s fall, I believe it will be a combination of factors, including political corruption (as we see), civil division (as we see), economic destruction (on the horizon), natural disasters, and/or war.  We also know the Rapture of the Church will gut this country from east to west, and all that will be left will be those who have hated God and the Bible, rejecting His truth.

The fall of America will result in war around the world, world economic collapse, and many other consequences.  Whatever remnants are left of America will fall under the authority and power of Antichrist.  There are a number of texts that mention “all nations” in the end times, and those are the only scriptures that we can confidently know America is included.

John MacArthur posted on social media, “We no longer have confidence in politicians, health experts, social activists, academics, or the media—all of them have lost credibility by pursuing agendas over honesty. However, there is One to whom we can turn and always hear the truth.”

When it comes to the corruption of our politics, Marxism has infiltrated every area of American life.  Marxism is the umbrella term I use for anyone on the big government control, old European style, Marxist spectrum (far right fascists to far left communists with all the socialists in between).  Marxism stands in utter opposition to the ideals of our founding fathers, Declaration of Independence, and Constitution.  Our spectrum of government is completely different, but the radical left of this country has brought Marxism (in all its forms) into the equation.

The Marxists have taken over the Democrat party, seeped into our government working against us in all of its agencies, they have infiltrated and corrupted our education institutions teaching things like Critical Theory (anti-America, anti-Christian, Marxism), they have taken over our main stream news agencies turning it into a mass tool of Democrat party propaganda, and they have taken over our entertainment pumping out program after program to fit their agenda.  The Marxists on the left are complicit and cooperating with Communist China and other corrupt socialist elements in the world.

The idea of morality from God’s word has been relentlessly attacked, and even our churches have been penetrated by wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Worldly “social justice” is being preached from our pulpits, and some people end their blasphemous prayers with “Amen and Awomen.”  Any prayer that ignores Christ, does not recognize Him for who He is and the truth of His word, is no prayer at all.  I imagine it is an obnoxious stench in the nostrils of the Creator.

The Democratic party has divided America with their efforts to demonize anyone who do not agree with them.  Everyone not a Democrat is a racist, a homophobe, a sexist, a deplorable, stupid, and any of the multitude of other slanderous adjectives.  They have been doing it for decades, and they will continue to do it into the future as they work to consolidate their one party, tyrannical power.

Joe Biden is calling for unity, but there will never be unity.  The Democrats have ensured the division of America by demonizing their fellow citizens, and relentlessly attacking, resisting, and attempting to destroy a duly elected, pro America president the last four years.  This isn’t even about Donald Trump anymore.  All that is left in this war of ideology is anger, resentment, and division.  We have been in a cold civil war for a long time due to polarizing ideology, traditional American founding principles verses the rise of anti-America Marxism.  Our worst nightmare has finally entered our reality.  Ronald Reagan was right.

The worst possible action of the Democrat party, the climax of this struggle guaranteeing the end of America, is to destroy the sacred vote of the people.  The only action we can take as American citizens is to vote, and that has now been taken away from us.  There is nothing left when the will of the people via elections is destroyed.  The corruption of our elections by fraud, cheating etc, watering down the electorate with non-citizens, the dead voting Democrat from the grave, and directly violating the US Constitution is the final treasonous act.

Truth and justice are dead when it comes to the radical left’s political agenda.  They use the terms in their fanaticism, even while dead, twisting and manipulating everything.  The words don’t even have any meaning anymore in the political discourse of this country.  Listening to politicians makes me sick.  The unbelievable arrogance and haughtiness in both parties and across this country is staggering.

The Republican party is just as culpable for where we are in this country, their weakness, incompetence, failure to act, reckless spending, resisting the people’s will and president, and their elitist mentality have all contributed.  Both parties stink with corruption, greed, globalism, and the lust for power.  I’m not on any of their sides.

The Republicans have failed the people.  Any Republican that voted to certify the results of the presidential election in any state that violated our Constitution and/or had severe problems with fraud and irregularities etc, giving the presidency to Joe Biden, should be ashamed of themselves.  Along with the Democrats, they have legitimized the corruption of our elections.  And our biased, subjective, politically motivated judicial system, including the Supreme Court, contributed or sat by and did nothing.  They are just as responsible and just as bad as the Democrats.

The Creator determined the time and place that I would live, and I was born right here in Texas.  I love Texas, I love the United States, I love the nation that was founded to be the bearer of the flame of liberty to the entire world.  Yes, the nation made bad decisions sometimes, but the nation as a whole has course corrected pursuing what is right.  I am politically independent, but from the time I could vote, I have always voted against the Democrats.  They will go down in history as the party that destroyed the United States of America.

God help us.  He is the only one who can now.

Repent of sin.  Believe in Jesus Christ to be saved.  The end is near.

* * *

I don’t necessarily agree with any commentators on everything, but Glenn Beck and others have been talking about these things for a long, long time.

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