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“This Generation Will By No Means Pass Away”

An atheist was attacking Jesus because He hasn’t returned in 2000 years (2 Peter 3:3-4). A believer wrote: “Don’t you know that a thousand years to us is only a day to God? It’s only been 2 days!” An unbeliever … Continue reading

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Macroevolution & ERVs (Endogenous Retroviruses)

On occasion I will debate with athiests, agnostics, evolutionists, and others.  In one conversation, an atheist asked for proof that God exists.  I asked Him to prove that God does not exist.  Then I asked for proof of macroevolution, he … Continue reading

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James White – Using and Interpreting John 10:30 Properly

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Why I Love Jesus But Reject Islam

In response to Kamal Saleh’s video

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James White – Allowing the Word to Speak: Justification

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Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone) – James White

This is James White’s closing statements verses a Roman Catholic on Sola Scriptura.

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Who Chose the Books of the New Testament?

Sources of the New Testament: here

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