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The Misplaced Hopes of Left Behind (Blog Article Review)

This is a short review of this blog article here with the title above. “This version is known as a ‘pre-tribulational rapture’ where God removes all Christians from earth, takes them to heaven, all the while a 7-year period of great … Continue reading

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Criticism of God (Atheist)

Atheist: “…have you forgotten that most of the “murder, rape, genocide, incest, babies being ripped from wombs, decapitations, and much more material for nightmares” were perpatrated by those people who were following God’s instructions? It was the Hebrews who did … Continue reading

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Fact Check: Does the Bible Really Support… (Atheist Critiques) [Article #1]

“Atheist activists and Biblical critics often delve into the scriptures and rely upon proof texts to make a variety of claims that in their view debunk — or at least cast doubt — upon the holy book. From contentions that … Continue reading

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“This Generation Will By No Means Pass Away”

An atheist was attacking Jesus because He hasn’t returned in 2000 years (2 Peter 3:3-4). A believer wrote: “Don’t you know that a thousand years to us is only a day to God? It’s only been 2 days!” An unbeliever … Continue reading

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Macroevolution & ERVs (Endogenous Retroviruses)

On occasion I will debate with athiests, agnostics, evolutionists, and others.  In one conversation, an atheist asked for proof that God exists.  I asked Him to prove that God does not exist.  Then I asked for proof of macroevolution, he … Continue reading

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James White – Allowing the Word to Speak: Justification

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