Full of Hope (Feast of Trumpets & Revelation 12)

I have been closely following all the information in regard to the 2017 Feast of Trumpets and the Revelation 12 sign (and all the rest) with great interest and attention.  I am a prophecy watcher, and I have been studying eschatology since the early 1990s.  I am a pretribulation rapture and premillennial believer based on what I see in the Bible.  I also believe the appointed times of the Lord’s feast days are significant since Jesus fulfilled the spring feasts.

I watch and listen every day for the call of the Lord when we believers will be gathered to Him forever, and the feasts have become high watch days for me.  I am being obedient to watch and I yearn for his coming every moment.  I am filled with hope for our redemption, and I hope beyond hope that this Feast of Trumpets will be the appointed time.  Based on what I see in my research, it very well may be.  This feast is also known as the feast of the last trumpet, the hidden day, and referred to by the Jewish idiom no one knows the day or the hour.  There is far more depth as well.

I live each moment in hope and my heart burns with love for our Savior.  I seek repentance, righteousness, and humility as I wait for the Lord, occupying until He comes, trying to be patient.  The latter isn’t the easiest knowing what is to come.

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Supremacy of Jesus by John Piper

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Babylonian Destruction of Jerusalem Discovered

Very interesting discovery.  Every time a shovel is turned in Israel, Biblical history is confirmed.  Article here.

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The True Location of the Jewish Temples

Good video (not exhaustive) concerning the true location of the Jewish temples featuring Bob Cornuke.  The temples were connected to the City of David.  The traditional “Temple Mount” was actually Fort Antonia that housed the Romans.

Like always, man made tradition is believed rather than the Word of Yahuwah.  Evidence found in the Bible, archaeology, historical sources, and rabbinical writings all point to the City of David and the Gihon Spring area.

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Tormenting Fire, Purifying Fire, or Consuming Fire?

A very interesting look at the doctrine of eternal condemnation and Hell.  Is it an endless tormenting fire?  Is it a purifying fire?  Or is it a consuming fire?  Edward Fudge presents information on his position that it is a consuming fire, and that those who reject Christ will be judged and condemned at the Great White Throne judgement.  Then they will be cast into a consuming fire where perfect divine justice will be poured out and they will suffer punishment for their sins.  Then it will end with the sinner’s utter destruction of body, soul, and spirit.  Total annihilation, eternal punishment for their evil and rejection of Christ.

As always, I don’t necessarily agree with everything someone teaches or says.  Be like Bereans and search the scriptures.  I do think this is a subject we should reexamine.  The protestant reformation turned away from the traditions of men and returned to Sola Scriptura (scripture alone) looking to restore the truth of God’s word.  Are we holding on to a doctrine of men when it comes to the eternal, unending torment of the sinner?

I really like when he talks about the reformers and that they did as much work as they could do in their life time, but it was up to later generations to continue their work at examining tradition handed down to us by the corrupt Roman Catholic Church.

A link to Mr. Fudge’s website and book here.
Another interesting video on the subject here (Doug Batchelor).

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Is Evolution Pseudoscience?

An interesting discussion on evolution being pseudoscience.

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The Bible… Our Sufficient Authority

The Bible is the only authority we need.  It is the source of the revelation of Yahuwah’s truth, and it contains everything we need in regard to our faith in Jesus Christ.  It is clear to me that those who wrote the Bible were moved and inspired by the Holy Spirit to articulate in writing what we need.  The Bible is perfect and infallible within its original languages.

Paul writes, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work” (2 Timothy 3:16-17 NKJV).

Peter writes, “…for prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit” (2 Peter 1:21 NKJV).

Everything humans teach and do in regard to our faith in Christ should be tested against the Bible and what it says.  We should always be like the Bereans that searched the scripture to make sure what is being taught is true (Acts 17:11).

No teaching or tradition of fallible man will ever be superior to the Bible, and if fallible man contradicts the clear doctrine of scripture… that man is wrong.  That is one reason for the Reformation and the call of sola scriptura!  Sadly the Roman Catholic Church was corrupted and still dwells in the darkness of false doctrine.

Below is an excellent Q & A with John Piper in regard to the sufficient authority of the Bible.

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