I am in awe when you open
my mind, when you reveal your
truth to me, I feel you inside
of me, comforting and teaching me
I hang on your every word, your
wisdom and infinite knowledge,
when you let me feel your
infinite strength I was humbled,
when you let me feel your infinite power
I was amazed,
I sat in awe of your
greatness, of your massiveness,
like a speck of dust next to a mountain,
I look up at your glory,
blinded by the intense light,
deafened by the sound of the angelic host
singing before your ruling throne,
then all is quiet, calm, peaceful,
I feel your hands, you open my eyes,
you heal them and restore my ears,
the love in your eyes fills me,
your voice leads me, compels me,
you lift me into your hand,
and I am overwhelmed at your
love and care for me, so small,
so tiny next to you, an infinite God,
you healed my heart and pain,
you fixed this broken man,
you have taken away all fear,
you have filled me with your peace,
you have made me happy and glad,
I will forever be with you,
my creator, my master, Abba.

About Daniel Silas
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