On a Rainy Day

The Rain drops falling on the green leaves
let cry their praises to you,
the soft wind is the caress
of your breath on my face,
you make the heavens weep to
bring freshness and life to your creation,
the trees wave their limbs
in exaltation of your majesty,
the sky speaks of your vastness,
the sun of your burning love,
the moon reminds of your watchful eye
in the darkest hours of the night,
even in the blackness I am never alone,
the stars proclaim your love of
art and creative expression,
and your revelation of the times.

Bring one with you, in the chorus
of nature’s voice, that praises
the work of your mighty hands,
the power of your Spirit
permeates all life, sustaining
us, as the world passes through nothingness,
even the void speaks of existence without you,
you made this my home, providing
all that I may need, I
feel the power of your intellect,
creating in perfect harmony,
to see this place free from death,
to experience eternal life in this creation,
to see nature as it should be
will be a gift above gifts,
to see your beauty in all you have done,
your love of art and creative expression.

About Daniel Silas

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