The Lord is Our Sanctuary of Peace

The Lord is our sanctuary of peace,
In Him we can trust for all,
He is our shield and our protector,
He is our shepherd and finds us when were lost,
He will never forsake us,
nor leave us behind,
Come let us obey the Lord,
Trusting and resigned.

Come, let us praise the Lord!
Bowing before His mighty throne,
that is everlasting and forever.

God, King of the Universe,
Creator of all things, calls to all,
“Believe, repent, turn and follow me!
My Burden is light, learn and see,
from one who set the heavens in motion,
and controls the waves of the sea.”

Your heavens are your throne,
the earth is your footstool,
the winds are the touch of your hands,
and the strength of trees is your spirit,
you give and sustain all life.
You do as you please.

When no one will praise you,
the chorus of nature cries forth,
the frogs, crickets, and hum of bees,
and if they did not praise you,
the stones would cry out anew,
and the wind in the trees would
open the mouths of the leaves.

I praise you Lord!
With my deepest essence of being,
Remember me as I cry,
Hold me close in my grief,
lift me from the dirt, Oh Lord,
lift me up to you!
Bring me out of dimension and time,
Into eternal life, before your eyes and view!

May your name resound with thunder,
with the shaking of the earth,
let your name be howled by the winds
with fury and righteous judgment!
Let those who do not know you,
come to know, that your love is never ending,
and give them time to see, I plead.
Oh Lord, let your mercy pierce their hearts!

About Daniel Silas
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