Lift My Eyes

I lift my eyes in this weakness,
and I thank you for your work
in my limbs, mind, and heart.
Oh Lord, where is my determined
spirit, and my strengthened will,
where is my grasp, till
I stumble before you?

I am pierced in my entirety,
the enemy lusts after me,
wishing to kill and destroy,
I plead for my rescue,
surround me my Savior,
help me in this hour.

You have broken me, my God,
yet, that stubbornness lunges for me,
and you break me even more,
I have asked you to drive me,
breaking my will,
molding my heart,
cutting away the extra clay,
making me into your work of art.

How I crave the day,
when I will be complete,
a vessel that is made perfect,
without anything impure
that would cause me to be marred,
I desire, I crawl along each inch,
there will be a moment of clarity,
a moment of change,
continuous, I need to be trained.

This dust fills my mouth,
it stings my nose as I breathe,
clawing along in this desert heat,
misery is our due, for sin,
struggle, our curse, battle about,
leaping only to fall, to cleave
and be driven back, no feat
is accomplished, no victory akin,
to your blows.

Oh Lord, how I wish to change,
I strip this cloth breast plate from my body,
drive your sword into this rock,
a heart solid in entirety,
let the heat of your love,
melt this stubbornness,
help me be aware of your work,
I throw down my wooden sword,
and fall at your mighty feet,
tread me, Oh God, crush
this wicked man anew,
forgive me for offending you.

Heal me, strengthen me, my Lord,
make me a strong man,
able to wear the armor,
the armor you have forged,
place in my hand your mighty Word,
a double-edged sword
far superior to the twig I carried,
Set my eyes on your purpose,
let your light shine as I charge
into darkness, your soldier,
from the arena to the battlefield.

Make me be only you,
let your strength fill
me like the furious
burning sun, set me to
be only one among
my brothers, fighting
together, lifting the fallen,
helping the pressed,
driving back the enemy,
rescuing the prisoners.

About Daniel Silas
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