Provoked to Wrath

Oh Lord, why do the people
provoke you,
why do they mock you,
how can they continue
in their evil ways,
consumed with darkness,
bound into pain?

I bless your name, my God,
for your enduring patience,
your long suffering heart,
and kind merciful part,
through Jesus, my Lord,
who holds your mighty sword,
a blade none can escape or ward
away, bringing your judgments.

Why judge, I ask,
“They reject me, they refuse
to repent of their wickedness.
They are lovers of violence,
party to all sexual immorality.
They mock my Word and
scoff at my instructions even
though I have poured out my
blood on their behalf.
They have persecuted my people,
persecuted the people of my Father,
murdered my brothers and sisters,
like in the day of old they slaughter
their own sons and daughters,
they know only lies and vulgarity,
in their foolishness they use my name
as a curse and in their vile words.”

I cry for your patience, my Savior,
I beg for the lives of those who
do not know your sweet love,
even though I desire nothing accept
to be with you, I will endure here
as long as I may, pointing the way
to you, my precious God.

Who knows your peace,
who knows your care,
you have proven yourself
through Christ on the cross,
when no one stood by you,
you felt such loss,
Oh Lord, I hope I will always
stand, lifting my hands no matter
the cost and cry your name
before the nations, all the same.

Like bubbling hot springs,
your love comes forth,
offering a soothing bath
to the filthy and impure,
I immerse myself in your love,
freed from the shackles of depravity,
healed from blind insanity.

I can see your promises,
the green mountains of peace,
soaring high on unseen wings,
in this place, you took away my pain,
replaced it with your angels that sing
praises to your name and never cease.
Carry me higher, my God away
from all this death, bring me to the day
where your words as you say
will be proclaimed from Jerusalem.

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