In the Weariness

In the weariness of my mind
your presence through darkness shines,
with the power of thousands of suns.

In the moments of this disease,
although my lungs rattle and burn,
your soothing touch can be discerned.

My fever rages and heaves,
my breath only comes in a wheeze,
and in hope I reach and squeeze
the hand you offer me.

My God, my King,
I lift your name on high,
in darkness and light,
in disease and in health,
in weakness and strength,
I cry your name among the nations!

I know as I stand on this precipice,
looking into the inevitability of
this death that I slide toward,
I know that when I reach it,
I will be your ward!

My God, my King,
I lift your glory on high,
in peace and war,
in famine and plenty,
in calm and in storm,
I lift your glory on high above the nations!

You are the Rock that is not moved,
a friend who never betrays,
a brother who never delays,
a God whose faithfulness is stayed,
A mighty hand, a grip that never loosens!

My God, My King,
I lift your decrees before their eyes,
in want and fullness,
in gentleness and controversy,
in the day and in the night,
I lift your decrees before the nations!

May your love be seen,
Your commands be understood,
Your greatness displayed,
Your grace be arrayed,
by the work of your hands.

My God, My King,
Who is like You?
Who is mightier?
Who is more faithful?
Who is always there
in the summer, in the winter,
in the crashing of waves,
in the raging fever,
in the onset of death,
in the last wheezing breath,
when others shrink away,
when they pull back in fear?
All that is left is You!

Your faithfulness is shown,
in the falling rains,
in the blowing winds,
in the bright shining stars,
in the seed, in the fruit tree,
in the light of the night,
in the burning of the day,
in the changing seasons,
in the passing of time,
You are always there.

My God, My King,
I lift your faithfulness before them,
in Your deeds of the past,
in Your deeds of the present,
in Your deeds of the future,
I lift your faithfulness in praise!

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