Haiti Earthquake & Pat Robertson

There has been an outcry against Pat Robertson concerning his comments on the possible cause of the earthquake that has devastated Haiti. I posted these comments on Facebook in response to a thread concerning this subject.

My Comments:

Everyone should think very carefully about what they say and do including Pat Robertson. We will all be held accountable for every action and word we utter in our lives.

Nor should we as Christians, pass judgement on who is or who is not a “true” Christian. Christ alone knows the hearts and minds of people, and He will judge.

After all, there are times in all of our lives when we can’t be distinguished from the unbelieving world. And we all say things we should not say.

And I would put forward, we need not pass judgement at all anyway, as Christ told us that we would know a tree by its fruit. Reject the bad fruit.

Nor should we as Christians offer verbal insults to others.

I think what Pat Roberson said is interesting simply from the perspective of a historian. I didn’t know they had made a pact with the Devil to win their independence from France. I’d have to review his sources to confirm that as a fact or not. I simply do not know.

As to the cause of the earthquake, I won’t speculate on the spiritual causes if any. I think it probably occured because of normal techtonic activity. Though I have not studied the geological situation.

I will say that God is absolutely sovereign. Nothing happens outside of His will, knowledge, or control. God would have to tell me the reason He allowed this earthquake to happen. Until then I wouldn’t know, and we should simply do our best to assist our fellow brothers and sisters in Haiti and pray for them.

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