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God & Aliens

I am a witness of a “UFO” as I’ve written before.  Article here.  It was completely unexpected, in the middle of a huge city, and I was within 100 yards of the ship.  Doing some rough estimates that you can … Continue reading

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Similar ‘UFO’ Sightings in Two States on the Same Day

Similiar UFOs were recorded in two different states on the same night.  Very interesting.  At least one was recorded with two separate cameras. Read the article and see the videos here. There are UFO sightings/recordings just about everyday.  These just happened to … Continue reading

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Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (4/29/13 – 5/3/13)

“It’s no longer about lights in the sky, it’s about lies on the ground.” See sessions here.

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Winston Churchhill: UFO Secrecy Churchill covered up a UFO incident because he feared public panic and a loss of faith in religion. His viewpoint was absurd. Well, “absurd” might be too strong of a word to use. Those who think that now are … Continue reading

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UFO Sighting – November 1991 / Pasadena TX

I thought I’d post about an event that happened to me in November 1991. Mainly because I think it is interesting. I’ve been watching a lot of episodes from UFO Hunters on the History channel, and since I had an … Continue reading

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