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Noah Film & Cosmos

I have some comments on the upcoming Noah film (March 28 release date).  The director had this to say at the world premier in Mexico City. “It’s a very, very different movie,” director Darren Aronofsky told the crowd adding, “Anything … Continue reading

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God & Aliens

I am a witness of a “UFO” as I’ve written before.  Article here.  It was completely unexpected, in the middle of a huge city, and I was within 100 yards of the ship.  Doing some rough estimates that you can … Continue reading

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Dawkins vs Mackay

I enjoyed this 20 minute exchange.  Brit verses the Aussie.  :) .

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‘Virgin Mary Should’ve Aborted’: Facebook Page :-(

8/8/2013 – Update #1:  The hate speech page has been removed by Facebook.  I’m very pleased that they responded. —- Original news article here This page simply makes me sad. This Facebook page is causing an uproar about free speech … Continue reading

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Freedom to Disbelieve – Ravi Zacharias

“In a recent event from the Atlanta Civic Center, Ravi Zacharias answers a tough question about religious freedom- specifically the freedom to disbelieve- in other countries. From the DVD titled Is America Really Christian.”

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