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The Trinity

Recently I was asked about the Trinity, and this was my response. ¬†While I have written other articles on the subject, this discussion may add further detail. “I agree that, ‘There is one God who exists as Father, Son, and … Continue reading

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The Cross – Billy Graham’s Message to America

Jesus is the answer, no doubt. Sadly, Dr. Graham said something very wrong based on Matthew 27:46. He said that God the Father and Jesus were separated at the cross. Absolutely not. Jesus was quoting Psalm 22 and the answer … Continue reading

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Genesis 1: Creation

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John 1:1-5 – The Revelation of the Lamb (Part 1)

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Jesus a Son?

A few weeks ago at church on Wednesday night, we got into a light discussion on what it means for Jesus to be the “Son” of God. And we talked about Mary and the virgin birth, and how the child … Continue reading

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