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Multiple Tribulations

I saw this meme on a Reformed Facebook group that I am part of.  Obviously the creator of the group is a preterist.  I am a futurist.  Basically, I believe most of the prophecies of the book of Revelation are … Continue reading

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Futurism vs Preterism (Revelation)

A great study for those who are interested.

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24 Elders of Revelation

I found this video interesting concerning the 24 elders John saw in Heaven.  He wrote about them in the book of Revelation. Part 2 here. As always, I don’t necessarily agree with or endorse everything Alan Horvath or anyone else … Continue reading

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The Rapture in Revelation?

Is the Rapture of the Church mentioned in the book of Revelation?  I found this video below very interesting. I do agree that the Rapture can be found in Revelation 3:10, 4:1-2, and the structure of the book.  Here are … Continue reading

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“This Generation Will By No Means Pass Away”

An atheist was attacking Jesus because He hasn’t returned in 2000 years (2 Peter 3:3-4). A believer wrote: “Don’t you know that a thousand years to us is only a day to God? It’s only been 2 days!” An unbeliever … Continue reading

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Save the Earth

To all my environmentally minded friends… Though we should always try, human effort will never save our planet. God will save our planet when Jesus returns. Notice the last part of Revelation 11:17-18 “We give You thanks, O Lord God … Continue reading

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Why I Believe in a Pre-Tribulation Rapture

I believe in the pre-tribulation Rapture.  There will be a Rapture without question.  John 11:25-26 is the resurrection of the dead believer, and it is the resurrection of the living believer who will then never die.  1 Thess 4:16-18 is … Continue reading

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