The City of David & The Temple (Bob Cornuke)

The location of the Temple of Solomon and 2nd Temple is a very important subject, which I have found interesting for some time.  I take the position based on the historical and archaeological evidence that the current “Temple Mount” complex was the Roman Fort Antonia and that the actual temple was located to the south, connected to the City of David.  The temple can be located by its connection to the Gihon spring area.

Respectful discussion and debate are important when it comes to differing opinions.  I found this Forge episode with Bob Cornuke very interesting.  It is a response to another show with Randall Price that criticized Bob’s work.

The full episode of Christ in Prophecy with Randall Price that is discussed can be watched here.

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1 Response to The City of David & The Temple (Bob Cornuke)

  1. Chris McKinley says:

    There may be a synthesis for both camps on the Temple location. Apparently, some historians believe there was a temple constructed on the Temple Mount after the bar Kokba rebellion (138 AD). This would explain the archeology and the history pointing to that site. It would also make sense with both that temple and the one to come being built for false messiah’s… on the wrong location. Lol.

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