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The True Location of the Jewish Temples

Good video (not exhaustive) concerning the true location of the Jewish temples featuring Bob Cornuke.  The temples were connected to the City of David.  The traditional “Temple Mount” was actually Fort Antonia that housed the Romans. Like always, man made … Continue reading

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The Bible… Our Sufficient Authority

The Bible is the only authority we need.  It is the source of the revelation of Yahuwah’s truth, and it contains everything we need in regard to our faith in Jesus Christ.  It is clear to me that those who … Continue reading

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Halloween (…and other pagan holidays)

Many holidays (including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and others) are pagan in origin and involved the worship of false gods and idols.  The Roman Catholic Church took many pagan holidays and “Christianized” them, so that the new converted pagans could … Continue reading

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Reformation Day (Sola Scriptura!)

Happy Reformation Day! 497 years of protest! The Word of God destroys all human tradition. Sola Scriptura! “You have let go of the commands of God and are holding on to human traditions.” – Jesus (Mark 7:8) For example… why … Continue reading

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What is Mardi Gras and Lent?

Someone asked how I would answer this question. My response is, “Human traditions with no relevance toward Biblical Christianity.”  For a literal definition you can find plenty of resources to research online. Of course, celebrate and enjoy whatever traditions you … Continue reading

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